Production is the heart of the circular economy.

We extract raw materials from waste and process them. At our sites in northern and central Germany, we produce various grades of non-ferrous and ferrous metals for our national and international customers.


Our raw material production and upgrading is carried out according to strict criteria and with seamless monitoring. We offer the following services for a wide range of customer requirements at our German sites:

  • Sieving

  • Sifting

  • Granulating

  • Separating tables

  • Packaging in big bags

  • Shredding/crushing

  • Packing

  • Pressing into bales

  • Manual sorting

  • Magnetic separator

  • Eddy current separator

  • Sea container loading 20/40 feet

  • Radiation measurement

  • Excavator sorting

  • Burning place

We will be happy to help you and offer you the right recycling solution. Let’s act together!