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We recycle and trade raw materials and waste of all kinds and are also active as a producer. We have built up a reliable and cooperative international network over many years. We are characterized by thoroughness, honesty and reliability.


Our consulting services include holistic solutions for your individual issues and challenges. We create disposal and waste concepts, develop collection and collection concepts and advise you on container systems and their provision.

We use our expertise to support you in planning the handling of waste at your own plant. Together, we analyze your existing facilities and optimize your technical equipment and processes.

HeiTec Group

The HeiTec Group is a leading player in the recycling, processing and trading of steel scrap and non-ferrous metals. The HeiTec Group is made up of strong partners in the recycling industry. Together with the companies enosys Recycling, HeiTec Black Metals and HeiTec RIOcycling, we focus on sustainability and environmental protection.


We are involved in various regional and international associations and initiatives.

The aim of our commitment is to actively shape sustainable development in our industry and promote the circular economy.

Circular economy, sustainability & ESG

As a company in the recycling industry, we embody the circular economy in its purest form. We recognize this importance, and our approach to driving technical innovation and operations leads to our ever-growing ability to solve the environmental problems of our time in the best possible way.

We also consistently implement the S and the G in ESG, which stands for Environmental Social Governance. Above-average salaries, pleasant working conditions and social benefits for our employees are just as important to us as integrity in our customer relationships. We regularly check the standards in our vertical logistics chains for quality and solidity. We are aware of our social responsibility to society, and we are actively involved in shaping the overall social challenges of our time at all levels available to us.


HeiTec ISO 9001

HeiTec ISO 14001

HeiTec EFB Certificate

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